Mexican Food In Salem Oregon

Salem Mexican FoodGordita, or in English terms, “little and fat”, is a meal that is exactly that – little and fat. It is usually described as a fat, little pocket of savory goodness that can be stuffed with whatever filling satisfies the consumer’s palate. Some people even use leftover meat from last night’s meal and add extra fillings to create a flavorful and hearty breakfast. Just think of anything that can be stuffed into a taco then put it into a tortilla and you have a gordita! Gordita is a common street Salem Mexican food that can be encountered in many parts of Mexico but there can be as many types of gorditas as there are regions in Mexico. It can either be sweet or savory, fried in a pan, grilled or even baked but as long as it is a plump and filled pocket of tortilla, then it is still called a gordita. You can even stuff the gordita beforehand and then deep-fry the gordita to create a crunchy-on-the-outside texture.

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If it’s Taco Tuesday and the streets of Mexican Food Salem Oregon aren’t that easily accessible from where you are then there’s nothing to worry about. You don’t need to call a master chef to be able to make the gordita. It only takes a mixing bowl, a mixture of cornflour and salt, some cheese, and lastly, meat fillings. If you can roll dough into a ball, then you can turn leftovers into gorditas. The healthy and conscious don’t need to worry as they can still enjoy gorditas and even create their own low-fat versions and enjoy it with friends and family.

It doesn’t take a long time to make a gordita. Most gordita recipes only take about 30-40min to do but it still depends on the kind of gordita that you want to make. The usual recipe starts with mixing cornflour, salt, all-purpose flour or baking powder, vegetable oil, and a cup of water. Once the proper texture is produced, the dough is then rolled into small balls with occasional splashes of water to keep the dough moist and flattened with a tortilla flattener or with a dough roller. It is advised to make it a little bit thicker than the regular tortilla to create bigger pockets when fried. Frying takes about 40-45 seconds on a side before flipping it over then waiting again. It is during frying that the “pockets” are made and why the thickness of the flattened dough matters. Once all of them are fried, a small knife is used to open the pockets. The cut should be big enough that it’s easy to fill but also small enough that the contents won’t spill. The only step remaining step is filling the empty pockets with whatever your heart desires and you have a gordita. If you’re unsure about what your guests like, then you can create the pockets then just serve various bowls of fillings and let them make their own combinations.

So you’ve finally learned what gorditas are and have a basic idea of how to make them. Only one question remains – is it Tuesday yet?